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Furniture Design


Co-creator:Yuko Mukai

Product:blå station /Sweden



Regionmuseet Kristianstad Konsthall




This bench was originally designed for the Information and Cultural Center,Embassy of Japan in Copenhagen, Denmarkand is a collaborative work with Yuko Mukai. "A part of a huge circle buried in the sand" is the brainstorm that Swedish furniture maker Blå Station had when they first saw the bench.  Blå Station is the family brand of the famous Swedish furniture designer, Börge Lindau, who had just passed away at the time this bench was designed. Mimi & Johan, who have succeeded the brand, produced our bench using a laminating method and added it to their product line. A bridge connecting the present and the future, connecting different countries, cultures and ages, or a bridge between a new designer and ourprimary vision. With these thoughts in mind, this bench was named “the hashi“ (“the bridge”).


「砂に埋もれた、巨大な円の一部」。スウェーデンの家具メーカーblå stationが、ベンチを目の前にした時のインスピレーションです。blå stationは、スウェーデンの著名な家具デザイナーBorge Lindauの個人ブランドでしたが、当時、彼はこの世を去ったばかりでした。後を継いだmimi & Johanの姉弟は、私たちのベンチをラミネード工法で制作し、blå stationのプロダクトラインに加えました。現在と未来を結ぶ橋。異なる国、文化、年代を結ぶ橋。新しいデザイナーと我々のPrimary visionを結ぶ橋。との思いを込め、このベンチを“hashi”と名付けました。

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