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Chiba University Nishi-chiba Campus

Sign Design



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Chiba / Japan


Chiba University


This project is planning for signs and colors that will become the basis of campus creation. Chiba University consists of four campuses (Inohana, Nishi Chiba, Matsudo, and Kashiwanoha) with twelve departments. Nishi Chiba Campus is the main campus of Chiba University which has the largest number of students, which also has kindergartens, elementary schools, and junior high schools inside it. Prior to other campuses, we renewed  the map graphic for the Nishi Chiba Campus. The map graphic in  in which the annular road, newly named “loop”, and the street dividing the center part into seven blocks can be easily viewed intuitively, with a mechanism where the top priority is on grasping the whole locations instantly, and then users can shift their attention to the next detailed information. This is an effect obtained by conceptually expressing the relative position rather than realistically expressing the building's actual location.

This a street sign where one street was picked up as a main focus from the whole campus map. The department color was used as the building symbol and expressing the people flow line inside the department building. By carefully examining the information to convey and effectively (but minimally) using an impressive department color, it became a youthful and light design suitable for a university. The color system, which represents that campuses and twelve departments respect each other and better coexist, was desired. The twelve department colors aimed to become a familiar color identity and were gave the name from classical Japanese words that represent nature such as sora(sky), umi(ocean), mori(forest), wakakusa(young grass), and sumire(violet).





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