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Chiba University Satellite Campus Mihama

Sign Design



location ​:

Chiba / Japan


Takahama Daini Elementary School opened in the Kaihin New Town of Mihama Ward, Chiba in 1979. However, the sight of children is no longer to be seen since the school consolidation in 2012. Under these circumstances, Chiba University launched a project, called the “Chiba University Satellite Campus Mihama”. This is a project to revive a closed school building to a campus as a place for citizens and college where students can think about the challenges they face in the community. サテキャン(“Satecam”) is a nickname of the project that has emerged from the people’s voices. 

The Kaihin New Town is an area of land created on landfill placed in Tokyo Bay. The sign design was aimed to be an image of a sailing ship, a symbol for the action toward challenges for the new area revitalization, like a ship sailing in the ocean receiving the sea’sbreeze. 
Everything is at the start line for the new-born, Satecam. The ideas of all the participants will create Satecam. Inside the building, you can see the simplified and flexible signs, such as paper signboards hanging with piano wire, no-entry sign on the tape winded up the stool of the workshop room. Walls, fire hydrants, and shoe cupboards were all painted white. The campus will be created as if drawing the future inside it.





そんな「サテキャン」のインテリアサインは、ペーパーボードをピアノ線で吊っただけの極めて単純なサインを計画しました。簡単な作業で、制作、取付可能なフレキシブルなサインです。 壁、消火栓、靴箱も、真っ白くペンキを塗り、文字通り、未来を描く”キャンパス”作りをおこないました。

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