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​Welcome sign on the Joshin Expressway

Sign Design



location :

Gunma / Japan

Contractor :

Japan Sign Design Associate

Photo :

Satoshi Nagare

Gunma Prefecture has installed welcome signs on the newly built Jyoshin Expressway to promote the region's tourist attractions.

Along the Jyoshin Expressway in Gunma Prefecture, you'll find beautiful and majestic nature in the valleys and plateaus, hot springs in Shibusawa, Kusatsu and Shiman, and the remains of ancient people and a variety of cultural tourist attractions. The prefectural government has designated the access route from the Shoshin Expressway, an important route for tourism, to tourist destinations as a tourist scenic guidance area, and is working to create a beautiful landscape.

The welcome signs installed at the boundaries of the cities, towns and villages on the Jyoshin Expressway are designed to make the name of the city, town or village and its cultural and tourist attractions easy to understand and friendly, and to serve as a guideline for private-sector advertising to create a pleasant landscape.




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